• Placing Your Order

    1. Browse our product selections, add them to your cart, and complete your checkout.
    2. If you order 10 or more of any single product, you will automatically receive a volume discount.

    3. Shipping cost will be determined upon the receipt of your order, and a Marketplace representative will reach out with the cost before finalizing your order.

  • Finalizing Your Order

    1. Once you complete your order, a Local Palate Marketplace representative will review it, calculate the shipping cost, and reach out via email to discuss shipping/delivery options and finalize the order.

    2. Please let us know the required delivery date, who will be receiving the order, and any other information that we may need to ensure a smooth delivery.

  • Delivery of Your Order

    - We ensure that your order will arrive properly packaged and in the manner discussed during the order finalization process.

    - If your order arrives damaged or incomplete due to a Marketplace or shipper error, then we will do our best to replace the product and/or offer refunds where necessary.

    - No refunds will be given for damaged products due to the absence of the receiver or any other avoidable loss.

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