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Olde Virden's Chili Pepper Blend Gift Box 4pk

Olde Virden's Chili Pepper Blend Gift Box 4pk

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This 4 Pack Chili Pepper Blend Gift Box, created by Olde Virden’s in Knoxville, Tennessee, contains 4 different 1.5-ounce bottles of chili peppers that make for the perfect gift.

The pack consists of the original Red Pepper Flakes, Olde Virden's Red Hot Fine Grind (1.5-ounce), Spicy Fine Grind, and Olde Virden’s Tennessee Jerk Fine Grind
. Each of these spices is sodium-free, additive-free, and preservative-free. They are handmade and blended in small batches and are at most one week old.

These fresh spices can add flavor to any dish and heat to the mildest of foods. Try them on pizza, eggs, deviled eggs, gumbo, or even cocktails. Basically, anything you can think of, they’ll taste great on.

Olde Virden’s was started by Chris Virden in Knoxville, Tennessee. The idea came to Chris as he was eating a slice of pizza thousands of miles in the air on top of Mt. LeConte in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He noticed that every pizza place he had ever been to uses that same generic bottle of red pepper flakes and knew there had to be a better, tastier option.

After his trip, he came back to his home in Tennessee and started researching better alternatives for pepper flakes. After months of trying different peppers and spices, he finally came up with his five favorites.

He then opened up a small, family-run facility in Knoxville where the local chilies are dehydrated, prepped, and bottled to be shipped. His small idea on top of a mountain became his whole life mission.

With four options, this is the perfect gift for any spicy fan in your life!

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