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Bourbon Barrel Foods

Bourbon Smoked Snack Trio

Bourbon Smoked Snack Trio

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Try some of Bourbon Barrel Foods most popular snacks in the Bourbon Smoked Snack Trio. The Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt and Pepper Peanuts has the classic, salty peanut taste with a bourbon twist of smoke and oak that makes your mouth water. The Bourbon Smoked Spiced Snack Mix is an assortment of peanuts, pretzels, sesame and corn sticks, crackers, and chips that have been seasoned with their signature Bourbon Smoked Spice. Turn up the heat in this trio with the Bourbon Smoked Chili Peanuts using domestically grown red chili peppers and large Virginia peanuts. The Bourbon Smoked Snack Trio is fantastic for parties and pairs well with bourbons and cocktails…if you don’t eat it all first. 

All Bourbon Barrel Foods items, including the Bourbon Smoked Snack Trio, are made in small batches in Louisville, Kentucky. They have a variety of all-natural, award-winning gourmet foods that showcase the history of Kentucky in the spirits industry and prove why Kentucky is Bourbon Country. 

Bourbon Barrel Foods owner and creator Matt Jamie came up with the unique method of reclaiming barrels from the Bluegrass State's finest bourbon distilleries and repurpose them as a smoking and aging agent. This creates a dimension of flavors to where you can sample some of Kentucky’s best bourbons and can’t be replicated using any other method. Starting as a soy sauce microbrewery, Bourbon Barrel Foods mission is to help you, in their words, “Eat Your Bourbon.” With the spirit’s delicious flavor, they’re in the exciting position to use bourbon in anything and everything, taking the drink beyond the glass. 

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