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Carolina Brewery

Carolina Brewery Carolina BBQ Sauce 2-Pack

Carolina Brewery Carolina BBQ Sauce 2-Pack

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Carolina Brewery’s Carolina-Style BBQ Sauce isn’t just for after your meat is cooked, -It is also ideal for slathering on meat before it hits the pit. Don’t limit yourself to pork either. Cover and soak seafood, chicken, and beef with the sauce to add an extra zing. Dash it into your next bloody mary for an ingredient that your guests won’t be able to put their finger on but will certainly ask for another.

Pair the Carolina-Style BBQ Sauce with the Carolina-Style BBQ Rub or Carolina BBQ Rub as the winning gift for any pit master or home chef. The sauce comes in a 15-ounce bottle with a screw-top lid – plenty to last you through BBQ season and beyond, but we suggest you stock up now.

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