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Hubs Peanuts

Hubs Peanut Duo

Hubs Peanut Duo

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This Hubs Peanut Duo, made locally in Virginia by Hubbard Peanut Company, is the perfect gift for any occasion. The festively packaged duo comes with two 20-ounce tins, the signature Hubs Salted Virginia Peanuts and the Choco Covered Virginia Peanuts. In addition, you can also find Hubs Gift Trio as the best choice.

The Hub's Home Cooked Salted Virginia Peanuts may look like simple peanuts but could not be further from it. The Salted Virginia Peanuts are extra-large, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. They’re home-cooked, water blanched, blister fried, and hold an incredible taste. The peanuts are one-of-a-kind on their own, but after tossing in their gourmet salt, Hubs has created an unmatched salted peanut.

The Choco Covered Virginia Peanuts are a perfect holiday, winter snack. The Salted Peanuts are simply dipped and lightly coated with an amazing, mouthwatering chocolate flavor and taste that doesn’t overpower. These peanuts are the perfect mix of sweet and savory. There is just enough chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth, but just enough salty peanut to remind you that it’s a snack, not a dessert.

Hubs Peanuts was founded by Dot and HJ Hubbard when Dot wanted extra spending money to help with the family’s expenses. Her father owned a peanut farm, and she remembered a special family recipe for delicious salted peanuts from when she was younger. Dot came up with a variety of different and unique ways to cook the peanuts, that all became standard practice for peanut companies today.

Since 1954, the brand and the name of Hubs Peanuts has continuously spread, creating the need for more farmers and securing customers that keep coming back for more. Now, over 65 years later, Hubs Peanuts is still doing the same great thing, the same great way, and has the same delectable taste in every peanut.

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