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Bourbon Barrel Foods

Bourbon Smoked Spices - Miniature Trial Set

Bourbon Smoked Spices - Miniature Trial Set

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Bourbon Barrel Foods handpicks and locally sources gourmet spices, then smokes them low and slow with the wood of broken down bourbon barrels. Founder of Bourbon Barrel Foods, Matt Jamie — America’s only micro-brewed soy maker and gourmet spice company owner tells his story through his love of cuisine in his Eat Your Bourbon Cookbook. This will tell you more about Bourbon Barrel Foods.

With the Miniature Trial Gift Set, you'll experience the full range of Bourbon Barrel Foods Bourbon Smoked Spice Blend collection. Sample them all to find out which blend you love the most, but you probably won’t be able to pick a favorite from this lineup of spices.

The set of six includes Bourbon Smoked Chili Powder, Bourbon Smoked Citrus Pepper, Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt, Bourbon Smoked Togarashi, Bourbon Smoked Sugar and Bourbon Smoked Chef’s Blend. Each of these are developed to be used on a range of dishes from meats, to seafood, to vegetables, and even on the rim of a killer bloody mary.

The acidity of the Bourbon Smoked Citrus Pepper spice is ideal for salmon while the Bourbon Smoked Garlic Salt brightens shrimp to lay atop grits or wrap into a taco. The Bourbon Smoked Togarashi pairs well with beef and the Bourbon Smoked Sugar sweetens up any ribs it is rubbed on.

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